Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow Is fun. Exept when you need to get somewhere, and cant get out of your own driveway! Well I have had snow for more than a week now. My doc said take it easy and no skiing snowboarding. So I went sledding and had snowball fights with my siblings among other things. I havent made and shot a snowman yet, guess I'm getting lazy.
Pulling cars up the driveway with our little Subaru has been fun. The subaru has fourwheel low range and chains. So it does a pretty good job of pulling vehicles up the driveway.
My neice was over tuesday, she is so cute. My Brother inlaw has a nice bick chevy that gets around well. 4x4, diesel, good all around work truck, uses it to tow his trailer.

Well I get my pins out on monday, then I have some therapy to go to. Haha me on therapy, thats just what I need. I asked them what we would do the first time I went in and they said mostly work on scar massage.


Monday, January 08, 2007

I get my pins out on the 22nd!! yeah. Then I get a temporary brace and have 1-3 months of therapy till I am supposed to be normal.
Some of my friends want me to video the doc taking my pins out. I think that I'll do my best to get that. I dont have a server to put a video on so pics will have to do the trick for my blogger readers.


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