Thursday, December 28, 2006

I got my arm loosened yesterday! And I got a date for when it all should come out! The doctor said that when he takes it out that he ussually has the patient take some pain pills about a half hour before and then he screws everything out of my arm! Just like that. That will be an interesting event.

I had a good christmas! What did you all do?


Monday, December 18, 2006

OK Here are the pictures of my xrays!!
Here you can see how the broken piece is slanted off by almost 30 degrees. It should be straite across.
If I hadn't had the surgery I would have lost some of the range of motion in my wrist and would have arthritis in ten years.
My arm for comparison
Here you can see how all the pins stick in me.
Pretty neat what you can get done these days. It only costed the insurance Co. only $17068.85
Here you can see that I am literally nailed together were I broke it!


Friday, December 15, 2006

WARNING! pictures may be offensive. Pictures of an arm with pins protruding.

Ok this is my camoflauge.
My Mom had a friend over the other day, and she said "wow gives new meaning to body piercings"
People ask if it hurts and what I am on? Fun answers, people can make funny faces!!
You can see the little green pins, they are what is holding the broken piece in place.
There are three of them.
Here is a look at the other side of my wrist and you can see the other two pins

Ok more pics are coming


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Five to seven weeks!!!!!!!! Till I get my arm back!!!!

It will be nice to be back to normal. So Thursday I'm thinking that I can have pics of my arm and of the ex-rays! and you can see what is happening to me right then.

My choir sang again today, it went well and the people we sang for enjoyed it. We sang for the senior saints at Glennwood community Church.

So my week went ok. How is yours?


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Well I had surgury today, spent twelve hours at the hospital. So now I have a buch of external hardware to lookout for. I have yet to unrap every thing and count the number of pins, but I think that it is about 5 or six. It is kindav a nasty thought that I have pins sticking out of my skin. So when I get a picture of it I will post it. So please keep praying for me.

I got another bottle of pain is a narcotic and the warning said "extended use could be habit forming"..............hhmmmm


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